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Monday, May 4, 2009

 Today=Mid-Year Examination!!! WOOO! okay,first woke up,then brush teeth etc etc..Was raining though XD..Then went school..took 39 .. didnt notice shafiee was in it as well LOL!.Then reach school le must take out thermometer check that u have then can enter school cb sia lucky got bring..then slack in class 20 mins b4 miss yeo lai le..

Then miss yeo said any1 was missing anything JUST NICE MY iPOD MISSING YESTERDAY!!! LUCKY SHE FOUND!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU HONTONI ARIGATOU !!!.Then maths exam start,sibei easy Lo!!(BHB)

Finsh le take bus with shafiee again but pangseh muck =X..K lo dont want post riao bye bye

Form your resolve. Charge forward. Leave no regrets. 7:44 PM

Friday, April 24, 2009

Okay.Time to start postin lulz.24th April:

Got exam ARHHHHS!!! First was like..we went class sit register number lor..i empty pockets(including my keys) and dump them in my bag lorh..My bag forgot zip :X then key lost lar D: fuck sia..Nvm then Recess...went down eat lorhz..with kiayang they all..Then buy drink wanted go up got cher there standby ask me throw..fucking suay..Then comes chinese compo..MORE SUAY I TELL U my neck sibei pain so very hard do and hard to concentrate leh! sure fail riao DDDD;..Finsh compo lerhs Went with ahmad loh..jeremy tore his uniform top pocket X_X..Then he go buy new 1. lulz...donated 50cents LOL. how cheap of me lolz..after that walk walk see see until joel and bulldozer have picnic lo..then walk around explore explore around the opp my sch got alot of shop de la...then those 2 keep talking about bicycles -_-..Went 7-11 with them..saw until hee young and liyana lo..i bought mash potato and they bought slurpee(Slurp the pee lulz) Then sit sit wait for the fucking book hunt start..didnt wanted to go lehz...Then went back school walk walk . Joel almost cry lor! Shyazwan go burn lighter then hot hot le go use the lighter touch joel..

So means ! lolz jk.Joel dont cry so often lehz!Then it finally came...The book hunt~! Suppose meet in library in the end meet in a classroom..lulz...Me and ahmad first to reach then came the 2 girls.Liyana force me become group ldr D:..we all was forced to wear a stupid badge.. now my pocket can see the hole very obvious sia!There was only 1 station that pissed me off..the one that need find lyrics of songs LA!!!! FUCKER TOOK ALMOST HALF HOUR LEH! They give us the lyrics then ask us find song title and singer..Then 1 station Ms Teo was in charge(Music Cher)..she didnt give me kit kat JUST BECAUSE I SAY I DIDNT MISS HER!!!(JOKING NIALZ) D:..Nvm lor...see the TV for answers then become a table -_-..then went this station must poke flag into styrofoam thingy..we anyhow poke poke poke can get correct..3 tries only leh! dont play play...we were like 3rd to finsh ! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSAR! Then next wed collect prize at assembly..WTF..ahmad and i dont feel like collecting it lolz.Then we all got Hacks Sweet YAY!!!!!!! Okay.Finally it ended.

Reach home lerhs..Eat then play com !! Forummed alot lar.. then play audi..saw jerlene ask her help me pass lic ><>


Form your resolve. Charge forward. Leave no regrets. 9:19 PM

Monday, April 20, 2009

Today school okay okay lah..Mood: :D...Okay,thats idiotic.Started with science loh...Got group work..our group highest *^_^*..Dunno what we will get X_X..After that CD..the visualiser not working.Then teacher stress riao roh! Oh,and faiz say eileen chase him til he drop his 3DX card..he played $70 worth of games on that card.Now he whole day Emo -_-..Siao liao.Recess he go first floor find find find cannot find  ..Then,it was English..must change place..Sit with cass D: . Tio whack..more pain than eileen siol -_- . Was stuck at the eng compo..i just so happen to choose the hardest question. ._." .Then came MT..Lonely as usual,MT teacher was like going mad cus more than half class never pass up Homework.Yayness! Then came Math,Was as confused as EVER.Okay school ended,skipping swimming lessons,listening songs now.. ._." 

To 6F:Me are booking BBQ pitz arh..Want come can sms me at 82881434 or ask thida/shermin.Mr Chris coming.8th will be provided.Bring extra clothes,you will never know what we will do to you../heh heh heh..


Form your resolve. Charge forward. Leave no regrets. 6:49 AM

Thursday, April 16, 2009

fuck wrong then my long post gone -.- ...sian' the ez link card le the face fucking ugly is my pri school pic leh fucking fat -.-..Aiya bad mood riao all my hard-worked post gone.

What is this?I am dirt cos of my habits?do your freaks think i like this habit?well,i dont.But you all are killing me with my habits.must u look at my exterior rather than my interior?I really hate this life.

Form your resolve. Charge forward. Leave no regrets. 10:50 PM

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today school nth much lah..except got napfa test.Never bring P.E X_X..
i post result nia ba. ._.
Sit ups=40/min
Shuttle Run=10.7s
inclined pull ups=fail ._.
Stand BroadJump=162cm ._.

Form your resolve. Charge forward. Leave no regrets. 5:08 AM

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Hate my life..Fate dealt me a cruel blow..Not sure i am breaking down now or what...This happened in primary schoo.I thought it was better for me in secondary school..but i guess i was WRONG..Instead..its worse now..I dun feel like living..just wanna cry it out but cant...Is it my looks?Character?I DUnno...i fucking hate this world.

Form your resolve. Charge forward. Leave no regrets. 1:46 AM

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yohs!!Haha posting time ><..Today school nth to talk about lahh..went school so early so sian..then finally assemble.Then play play play.-Skips til recess-.Recess was like fun!Yuan Chao,Bryan,Ryan and Chuppie(Shafiee) was playing touching each others .. erm... ****. =).Then i took video.. Bryan went 'Dragon Gua Gua' Me forcing me delete vid..but i still have it ^^.Sacrificing my life for the media ^^.Then Music period was FUN!! Chuppie was my hubby <33333.Then Faiz keep make me smell his socks..fucker sia..Then watch finding nemo.Then aft that Took 39 went Tampines Stadium.

ESPS Got sports day all Ex-Students welcome.Then went met darryl,zul and 1 of his sec classmate.Watch then aft that went to the tracks run lo..i sibei slow but at least can keep up with them by oni 1m.T_T..Not bad for Fattie YAY! Then buy from Vending Machine the 'Mystery Drink' the end got Soy Bean Milk..My favourite~..Too bad shermin and thida cant make it lolz.Thida told me she kena caught by school got cigerattes in her bag so cannot come -.-.Went 7-11 with darryl and his fren buy Nachos~ Yummy Yum Yum!Darryl so bad want sneak sneak press 2x cheese LOL.Okay la nth talk le ._.,Oh,If Keng Wei really go for the ETP,i dont think i going liao..

Form your resolve. Charge forward. Leave no regrets. 4:36 AM

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